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Could you please pray for my son Taylor? He is 23, was brought up a christian and has now gone far away....I posted about a christian movie that is coming out and he posted that it should be a good "comedy"! On Christmas, he was very sarcastic, rude, argumentative, he is spiraling down a scary path....I am scared for him, my heart is breaking, he is so angry


Absolutely. God can change anyone and prayer is powerful. Don’t lose hope and don’t stop praying.


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Hello! Your blog's background is really pretty by the way c: I just wanted to know what your views are on homosexuality? I'm not lesbian/bisexual myself, but I know some people who are and I love them just as much as my other friends c: Wanting to make sure it's okay to have friends who are gay and to be uncomfortable with mean bullies who make anti-gay remarks.

I honestly have no clue how long ago you sent this in, I’m so sorry. I am not always on this blog and forget to log-in for months. My life is really busy!! 

But to answer your question.. I have friends who are homosexual. I love them and pray for them. It’s not my job to judge them. Do I agree with them? No. Do I always like hearing the details of their love-life? No, honestly sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable, however, I still love them to pieces. 
They know my feelings on homosexuality, we have a mutual agreement of me not lecturing them to death and them not giving me too many details of their love life. 

It is okay to have friends who are homosexual and it is okay to be uncomfortable with something you’re not use to. I hope this helps!

Back from vacation! :) 

This video makes me cry like a baby every time I watch it. It so so relevant. If you have 6 minutes and 56 seconds to spare, I think every Christian should watch this. 
He is the Father to the fatherless.” 

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